Monday :: Jun 27, 2005

Fighting Liberals Take Rove to the Woodshed

by soccerdad

Here's a great site recently launched called Take it to Karl. It posts comments from liberals either in the military or formally in the military in response to Rove's recent comments.

Here's a sampling:

As a member of the Army Reserve who will be leaving to support Operation Iraqi Freedom, and a lifelong liberal, how dare you challenge my patriotism, sir?.....The next time you wish to question either my patriotism, or courage, I suggest you dare to take up arms first. Cowards like you, who expect other men and womens children to fight their wars, deserve to be dragged out in the streets and beaten like the craven dogs you are.


I am a Viet Nam combat vet and was a moderate republican for 30+ years. The outrage of "shock and awe" converted me to a now registered democrat. The insults of Rove and the neocons are infuriating but the actual Bush/Cheney lies are much worse--in that these lies supported the illegal invasion of a soverign country and the resulting deaths and maimings of thousands. Our country is going bankrupt on tax cuts for billionaires and money borrowed from China.

Good reading. I think these views need to get out and counter the stupid propaganda being spewed by this admin and its apologists.

Thanks to Corrente

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