Tuesday :: Jun 28, 2005

Kerry's Suggestions For Bush's Speech

by Steve

John Kerry writes in the Times today about the speech that Bush should give. Itís clever, because it makes further use of a Democratic talking point of late wherein Bush should make it clear that we have no plans for a permanent military presence in Iraq. Kerry also suggests several obvious things that have been tossed around here and elsewhere before, such as sealing off the borders using international help, and with one new wrinkle: until the Iraqi military and police are ready to assume more responsibility for their own security after a six-month expedited war-footing ramp-up, use the local militias in each area for security after integrating them into the National Guard.

The issue of the permanent bases is a good one, because it is central to what we are doing there now, and there is no way that PNAC or Rummy will ever give this one up. Yet it is critical to demonstrate to the Iraqis that we have no plans to colonize them and plunder their oil.

Which of course is why Bush will never commit to leaving and not building a permanent presence in the country.

As for the speech itself, there is more of the usual GOP framing going on here. Bush of course is appearing before a friendly crowd that is guaranteed to not raise a ruckus and to cheer loudly on cue. Bush gets a chance to dust off the daddy protector image Rove used to get reelected, and to appear with the one part of our government and society with the highest approval ratings, the military. That is why Bush is not doing this speech from the Oval Office.

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