Tuesday :: Jun 28, 2005

Wait Us Out

by eriposte

I already commented at length on the "wait us out" theory last night, showing that it is a bunch of crock. As expected, Bush repeated it in his speech while dismissing the need for a timetable (something that he urged Clinton to provide in Kosovo):

And it would send the wrong message to the enemy – who would know that all they have to do is to wait us out. [emphasis mine]

Look, this is not just a bunch of crock. It is a mountain-high pile of horse manure and Bush shows himself to be a dangerous spinmeister who would say or do anything to avoid facing the realities of Iraq.

I am mentioning this new talking point ("wait us out") because Tom Oliphant of the Boston Globe bought it unquestioningly in the midst of otherwise reasonable points that he made today in the Al Franken show on Air America (which I accidentally got to listen to as I was switching channels earlier today).

Tom, you should know better than to buy any spin that comes from Bush. But even if you wanted to give him "benefit of doubt", ask yourself if the claim makes even a modicum of sense. If we set a timetable say of 2 years for withdrawal, do you really think the terrorists there are going to sit sipping tea and "wait us out" while the Iraqi military gets trained without disruptions like daily suicide bombings? Do you really believe they will "wait us out" while a modicum of democracy and reconstruction get established without a constant threat of bombings and killings? Is it really in their interest to "wait us out"? Obviously not. I would challenge anyone competent in the armed forces to back up this crackpot theory.

So, please. Let's not make it easier for Bush and the neocons to keep coming up with more brain farts while troops die because of their negligence and callousness.

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