Wednesday :: Jun 29, 2005

Tell Us About Our Men in Afghanistan Now

by paradox

With timing that could not be more horrible for George Bush, one of our Chinook helicopters with 17 service people aboard went down in Afghanistan yesterday, the news hitting the wires here about 1100 pst. All through the day the status of our men was “unknown.” As of this morning, 19 hours later, their fate is still “unknown.”

Every family of every person serving in Afhganistan instantly worried and is still worried sick this very second about their loved ones. It’s been an extremely difficult 19 hours for them.

Please tell us the fate of our service people on that helicopter now. After the treatment Pat Tillman got I simply assume the military lies when it feels it needs to, and with the timing of the Chimperor’s speech yesterday I’m positive we’re being lied to—again.

“Unknown.” Afghan forces have sealed off the area, but they have no communication devices? “Support aircraft” are in the area, but no observations can be communicated? We’ve got a Chinook out there but cannot instantly dispatch another helicopter to report what happened?

“This is a tragic event for all of use, and our hearts and prayers go out to the families, loved ones and service members still fighting in the area," said Brig. Gen. Greg Champion.

The New York Times and the AP wire have the story prominently displayed, but nowhere in their stories are these sentences:

“Despite the fact that US forces have the most sophisticated “support aircraft” in the world, multiple layers of communication devices, Special Forces, and Afghan supporting forces on the scene military officials still insisted they have no news of the 17 men aboard.”

“Military officials consistently refused to speculate when the news would be released.”

“Military officials insisted the Pat Tillman episode, where the military lied for propaganda purposes, did not erode their credibility in reporting this incident.”

Until I see sentences like that not only am I going to assume we’re being lied to again, I know the war felons running our country are yet again being enabled in their lying by a compliant, complicit corporate press.

The Left Coaster extends its deepest sympathies to all the families with service people serving in Afghanistan. May your loved ones come home soon, whole in mind in spirit. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of trial.

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