Friday :: Jul 1, 2005

One Down, Four to Go

by paradox

Not wanting to be, truly, Iím going to be disrespectful, uppity and gauche in our political social graces when it comes to departure of the noxious felon Sandra Day OíConnor. Let us all pray that no other human soul appointed to the court ever degrades to her rancid, treasonous, malevolent judicial persona.

Iím crossing a line here precisely in the same way I would have in an obituary for Michael Kelly, where everyone was so sad and glowing in his departure. I was totally baffled at the syrupy suck up to such a dangerous incompetent, exactly at the same way Iíve watched the complete silence all day about OíConnorís vote in Bush vs. Gore. This time Iím saying it: good riddance and thank God this monster is gone.

To this very second we live under the implications of theft of Election 2000, for I donít believe Al Gore would have let 9/11 happen, and if it had he would not have lied to us to take out Saddam in this disastrous vast war crime.

I know part of the reason Bush dared to lie to us for the Iraq war was because he stole an election and got away with itóhe was given real-time empirical proof he was above the law. Bush vs. Gore makes a total mockery of the law and smashed the integrity of our democracy.

I dare one cogent law mind to come forth and defend Bush vs. Gore. Not one willónot even John Yoo, just 40 miles north of here, will even try. His Dean, the old Republican rep Campbell, cannot either, not a chance.

Ever since that Saturday morning my country has sailed over the cliff to destruction for the start off the new millennia, and this felon traitor to our Democracy OíConnor is one of the five master players who started it all. Good riddance, four to go.

I apologize to the many minds and intellects of the left I respect with this. I donít understand the decorum involved in stabling this beast forever, it baffles me there seems to be some kind of mass denial about it, and Iím angry she seems to be skating away with it yet again. OíConnor answered to no one, and never will, over Bush vs. Gore. Here, at least in this tiny space and time, she is held accountable for the horrors of George Bush.

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