Saturday :: Jul 2, 2005


by eriposte

I see that there is some buzz about Lawrence O'Donnell's claim that Time magazine journalist Matt Cooper's source (who outed Valerie Plame) was Karl Rove. The speculation is that the investigation on the Plame expose may have devolved to an issue of perjury and/or obstruction of justice. Well, this may be the case (although I'm not so sure myself), but let's remember that separate from Rove's role or his claim that he only started offering Valerie Plame's identity after Plame's identity was exposed by Bob "my middle name is treason" Novak, I still haven't seen anything (yet) disputing this article that appeared in Sep 2003 in the Washington Post:

Yesterday, a senior administration official said that before Novak's column ran, two top White House officials called at least six Washington journalists and disclosed the identity and occupation of Wilson's wife.

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