Sunday :: Jul 3, 2005

Aggressive Prosecutors

by Mary

Despite the fact that the Times Time has turned in the notes and email exchanged between the editors and Matt Cooper, the threat of jail for both him and Judith Miller hangs over them. The WaPo writes that both have asked for home detention. There has been more than enough ink spilt on how the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, is being overbearing. Okay, that might be so, but this prosecutor has a long way to go before he reaches the sheer vindictiveness of Kenneth Starr when he went after Susan McDougal.

And for some of us, the fact that Judith Miller will be prevented from enacting her trade of providing right-wing lies and conspiracy theories will seem like some level of justice has finally prevailed. Will we get to see her sporting the chains and orange jump suit that Susan wore? Susan spent 18 months behind bars, whereas Judith who was responsible for creating lies that cost the lives of over 1700 US soldier deaths and thousands of innocent Iraqi deaths faces a total of 4 months. I do hope she enjoys her time off without access to her cell phone and the internets. Too bad Chalabi won't be able to reach her to feed her his latest con.

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