Wednesday :: Jul 6, 2005

Randy Cunningham flies again

by Duckman GR

Just for the record, randy cunningham is a republican. When in doubt, 9/11 9/11 9/11. Maybe we should do some kind of smiley face icon to symbolize it, like a red white and blue puppy dog getting an Arabian sandal in the ribs or something.

duke talked in public yesterday after ducking the people on the 4th of July [Francine Busby]. Yes, much better to talk to business people then Americans on our 229th Birthday, right? cunningham isn't entirely in sync with bushco, I note, but hey, every flyboy for themselves in a bar fight, right?

America remains threatened by al-Qaida terrorists who want to repeat the kind of attack that happened on 9-11, U.S. Randy "Duke" Cunningham said Tuesday. [...]

Cunningham said two recent trips he took to Saudi Arabia as the guest of San Diego businessman allowed him to speak with the Saudi ruling family and members of its Cabinet.

They would know, wouldn't they, about all that terrorism stuff, now wouldn't they?

And like all true republicans, what's bad for you, in this case lawyers who bail your sorry ass out, are a-ok with the duke stir.

Cunningham also said that he has a new fondness for attorneys.

"Everything I've ever said against lawyers I want to take back," he said, drawing a huge laugh. "We need all of 'em we can get because they give you some pretty good information."

See, he can say he did nothing wrong, because he believes it. We owe him for his service, and he can take take take. Just like pessimist says below, greed is Good. And Right.

I sense a little rant coming below the fold...

And people like the duke simply see nothing wrong with it. No sense of responsibility for their actions, yeah yeah yeah, he paid his dues in ?Nam, and I thank him for his service, but that doesn?t mean he can do as he pleases now. And why is it so hard for people to continue to do the right thing, anyway? I mean, really, he was accountable for his actions back then, but no longer? People just give him money for no good reason, life?s just a poker game and he?s the shark? A U.S. Congressman?

This stinks. A Public Servant for a Public of One, Randy effin Duke Cunningham. He?s no different then tom delay or bush or cheney or any of the other gop psycho?s. frist, bunning, harris, norquist, reed, they have such a sense of entitlement, which explains why they hate those who actually could use the help. How dare those people impinge on their piece of the pie? At least cunningham served, didn?t have other priorities or parties that took precedent. But he?s gone way beyond the slack we cut him for his service. What a joke, the republicans who see themselves as so much better and more deserving then everyone else. Raising wastrel children, slacker children, no account children, desperate lives of pettiness and waste, liver eating existence ending in self pity and ignominy.

Walking talking examples of what America is not. What American?s are not. For those who choose to see, or for those who wish to expose the rot for all to see, in the bright cleansing light of day, I give you randy cunningham, war hero.

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