Tuesday :: Jul 5, 2005

Pro-Impeachment Group and Website Hit The Ground Running

by Steve

Boy, that didn’t take long. As I said last Thursday when the latest Zogby poll came out showing that Bush’s starting off point for impeachment was 42% in favor, he is already in worse shape than Clinton was on the issue. Now less than a week after that poll came out, there is already a pro-impeachment group assembled and a website up. Bob Fertik of Democrats.com and the folks behind the AfterDowningStreet.org have assembled ImpeachCentral.com, and have their first press release out already.

Sure, nothing will come of this right away, but the confluence of website and blog technology with activist energy will give this movement a chance to grow and build under the radar screen over the coming months so that when the Democrats take back the House in the 2006 elections, the issue will be ready for exploration in 2007. Remember, it took years and millions for the right wing to set up its attack machinery and media echo chamber to stand ready to pounce on Clinton in 1998 when he screwed up. The progressive left has planted the seeds to do the same in a fraction of the time at a minuscule cost, absent the supportive and co-opted media that the right has. And even with his advantages, Bush finds himself staring at an “impeach” number that Clinton only saw well into his troubles and even then only for a few weeks, if that.

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