Wednesday :: Jul 6, 2005

Treasongate (Part IV) - Jeff Gannon

by eriposte

UPDATE: OK, I just realized that the Senate Intelligence Committee report mentions "INR analyst". So, Gannon could conveniently point to that report to explain why he said "INR analyst" even though the WSJ article never revealed the agency that produced the disputed memo. So, we'll just have to rely on Gannon's own words from Philip Curtis' post to conclude that he was independently aware of this memo. I'm correcting my post, accordingly.

Philip Curtis of ePluribus Media has another good diary on Daily Kos laying out the long history of Jeff Gannon's (James Guckert's) reptilian behavior and evasions on the memo that has long been used by the GOP to attack Joseph Wilson.

Specifically, Gannon has at times given the impression that he was a recipient of this memo and at other times given the impression that he only knew about it because he read about it in the Wall Street Journal. Curtis' post shows that one of the latest claims from Gannon is this: "I acquired knowledge of the memo and [T]he Wall Street Journal reported on it." That indicates Gannon has been separately aware of the memo.

So, when Jeff Gannon claims (sometimes) that he only heard about the memo through the Wall Street Journal it appears that he's indulging in his and the GOP leadership's trademarked behavior.

Even more importantly, doesn't this call for a *real* investigation into Gannon/Guckert and his bona fides, lies, his ties to leakers inside the Bush admin and the Bush admin's repeated enabling of him?

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