Wednesday :: Jul 6, 2005

Judy Miller Goes To Jail

by Steve

Judith Miller was just taken into custody, and will immediately serve a 120-day sentence in a federal District of Columbia facility, not exactly a nice place to be. Miller told the judge that she is still refusing to reveal her source, even though her source has released her from confidentiality, because Miller told the judge today that she believes her source was coerced into this "release" of confidentiality. So who then is Miller's source?

As for Time's Matt Cooper, he told the judge today that he has recently been given a release from confidentiality by his source, and when confronted with a "testify or go to jail now" choice by the judge, Cooper has decided to testify, and is doing so. Cooper is speaking to the press right now, and says that he got a "personal, umambiguous waiver" from his government source this morning, a source he has kept confidential for two years. He claimed that up until this morning, he like Miller was certain that any waivers offered by Fitzgerald that had supposedly been provided by their government sources were "not worth the paper they were printed on" because both he and Miller were certain that their sources were coerced to give up these waivers by their government superiors. But when Cooper got a call from his source this morning, giving a personal release to testify, Cooper decided to comply.

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