Wednesday :: Jul 6, 2005

The last refuge

by eriposte

...of scoundrels (more here), as they say.

[Judith Miller] compared her effort to that of U.S. troops risking death in their fight for freedom in Iraq: "If they can do that, surely I can face prison to defend a free press."

Times Publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. released a statement saying that "there are times when the greater good of our democracy demands an act of conscience. Judy has chosen such an act in honoring her promise of confidentiality to her sources."

Speaking of reptilian behaviors in another domain.

Remember, Linda Lay, Ken Lay's wife?

The wife of the former head of Enron, Kenneth Lay, yesterday claimed that her family had lost a fortune over the collapse of the company and was now facing bankruptcy.

Meet Linda Lay on "steroids". Bernadette Noe, Tom Noe's wife:

A lawyer representing Mrs. Noe has told the court she is “destitute,” said D. Michael Grodhaus, a top deputy to Ohio’s attorney general. “Yet it is our understanding she is living in Florida in a $4 million house,” he said.

But Mr. Grodhaus, come on! She's a Republican, which means her income puts her in the bottom 0.001% of earners in the country since the "vast majority" of her Dear Leader's tax cuts went to the "bottom". Remember?

I suspect that the above may in part be related to the latest revelation in Culture-of-Corruptiongate:

Bernadette Noe exceeded her authority as chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party when she accepted $65,000 in loans for the party from her husband, Tom, the current chairman said yesterday.

The two loans were not properly approved by the party and have been reclassified as contributions, said Sally Perz, who took over the party in April.


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