Friday :: Jul 8, 2005

Once "MemoGate" Blew Up, Did CBS News Ever Run Its Story On The Bush/Niger Yellowcake Con?

by Steve

With John Bolton, WMD deceptions, Valerie Plame/Joseph Wilson, and the Niger memo forgeries coming back onto the stage of late, it may be time to dust off this gem. Remember the real goal behind Rove's work to bludgeon CBS News into neutering itself over the Bush TANG memos? The end game was to get CBS News to not only soil itself over memos whose underlying facts have never been disproven by the White House, but to also get CBS News to back off of a potentially far more damaging story: namely how the Bush Administration used forged memos on the Niger yellowcake claim, and who produced those memos.

So, after CBS pulled this story and decided not to run it before the election, have they ever dusted this off and run it since? I am certain that they haven't. And since they haven't, why shouldn't they do so now?

And the big question: Does Mary Jacoby and Salon still have their videotape of the Ed Bradley piece?

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