Saturday :: Jul 16, 2005

Patriots and the gop

by Duckman GR

Well, I've pretty much had it the bushco regime. Really, really, really, had it.

I'm tired of trying to decide who I hate more, which is the greater outrage, what has caused the greatest harm to my country.

Frankly, they're the sum of the parts, the slimy, fetid, pustulent leaking cardboard box of them, the skeletel, blue-white arm of coulter dangling over the edge, the pasty faced doughboys like rover and newtie and denny and spinnin scottie hanging over that edge and vomiting their filth down the sides, the pompous, bleating lies echoing from the box from big time dick, robertson, limbaugh, hume, like the death rattles from the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition. All cut from the same smallpox infested cloth.

Friday's News Hour had a piece on the Supreme Court Nomination, and Sen Collins said that "It just amazes me how many outside interest groups are spoiling for a fight. They're going to be very disappointed if the president nominates a consensus choice. They're not going to be able to raise as much money. They're not going to be able to put on as many divisive ads. They're going to be really crushed."

And that's the difference between patriots, and the gop.

The Democrats aren't spoiling for a fight, they've been doing everything they possibly could to avoid one, fer chrissakes, for any number of reasons. Mainly because they're interested in governing, in getting the job done, in doing the right thing for the country. If bush nominates a reasonable man or woman, conservative or otherwise, someone not an ideologue or tool of either corporate America or the christian taliban, then they will go through, and happily so. But if bush picks another scum sucking asshole like thomas or scalia, then forget it.

Unlike the gop, the Democrats are far more interested in governing, as opposed to looting and shirking responsibility.

Fellow Republicans warned House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader Tom DeLay more than a year ago that the government would come up short -- by at least $750 million -- for veterans' health care.

The leaders' response: Fire the messengers.

Now that the Bush administration has acknowledged a shortfall of at least $1.2 billion, embarrassed Republicans are scrambling to fill the gap. Meanwhile, Democrats portray the problem as another example of the GOP and the White House taking a shortsighted approach to the cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and criticize their commitment to the troops.

There's a nice story for you, the gop, who they are, and what they do.

Crooks in Texas, in Kentucky, in San Diego, in Ohio, in New Hampshire.

Thursday, I think, one of the TV news corporatins did a story talking about the new al Queda hot spot, Western Africa. Charles Taylor's name came up, and how he might be financing some of al Queda's operations from the diamond business. The diamond business him and pat robertson are partners in.

This is the gop of george w bush. Of big time dick cheney. Of tom delay. Of grover norquist, jack abramoff, and ralph reed.

That quitter cunningham is a perfect example of today's gop. How many sweetheart deals from campaign contributors and businessmen looking for taxpayer money from cunninghams committee does it take to satisfy his appetite? Apparently, all of them. Government for personal profit, that's the ticket. And randy thinks he can buy his way out of trouble by giving money to charity? When he sells his current house he's going to give some of the profits to charity. Why would he do that?

Only because he's guilty. Some patriot.

Democrats are the patriots, because they didn't want bush's war, they wanted the people that attacked us, remember them, al Queda, Osama bin Forgotten? Thet didn't want people getting killed for a war that made no sense, served no national interest, and would only make the situation worse. Try to remember when the fight in Afghanistan became the War on Terror in Iraq. Think about it, when did that happen, and why did 10 years of ongoing sanctions in Iraq suddenly morph into such an urgent national priority?

Democrats said, yes, not all, many were swayed by the lies and general fabrications and nationalism of the salesmen, wrong war, wrong place. Democrats were attacked, vilified as traitors and cowards, maligned, impugned. Yet they pressed on, millions marched against the war, (yes, not all were Democrats) voted against it, fought to have the attacks of September 11th fully investigated, to find out what went wrong, what went right, and what could be done to prevent a similar attack. Democrats forced bush to create a Homeland Security Department to better coordinate our National Security.

And for that these criminals, these petty, two bit, greedy punks call us traitors? Appeasors? Because we don't believe in torture, because we believe in due process under the laws of this United States of America, under our Constitution, because we believe that no one is above the law, including the President of the United States?

Nope, sorry, the goppers of george w bush are the traitors, the criminals. They put money above country. They put power above morality. They put greed above responsibility.

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