Tuesday :: Jul 12, 2005

And a New Club is Formed

by eriposte

Just got back after a long day and noticed the outright fraud being perpetrated against Joseph Wilson by the Republican National Committee (even though the reason Karl Rove is a subject of the investigation has to do not with Wilson, but Wilson's wife). My immediate question, therefore, was - who's going to be the first GOPer to demand that Karl Rove be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (or something like it)?

I wasn't disappointed. Oliver has the answer and it's Faux News' John Gibson.

One more point. As of today, the leaders of the Republican Party and their principal McCarthyist brownshirts in the media have made it clear that they are shills for criminals and treason. They have successfully transformed their party from being beholden to the Club for Growth - to now being beholden to their very own Club for Treason. (Maybe it's time to draw up the membership list and advertise it). It's not clear if there is any criminal act or anti-American action that they will not shill for, if it is committed by one of their own.

This is the group whose members include those indicted or under investigation for treasonously:
- leaking American secrets to Israel
- leaking American secrets to Iraq and Iran,
- exposing an American CIA operative on WMD
- leaking the identity of a double-agent/mole inside Al Qaeda

...and those who support or are shills for such treason.

They have repeatedly shown complete contempt for American values and their actions have repeated diminished American national security. It would be surprising if there was ever *any* administration in U.S. history that had this much contempt for American national security and American values.

I can see why John Gibson believes people like them (and by extension, him) deserve a medal -- not even the French are this anti-American. (No insult intended to the French).

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