Tuesday :: Jul 12, 2005

Go Ahead George, Make My Day: Do A Recess Appointment Of Bolton

by Steve

Sure, Bush can go ahead and make a recess appointment after July 30th of John Bolton, and he can kiss off any chance of getting any Democratic support for his two or three Supreme Court picks as a result. I know they don't care about this at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and I know they are salivating at seeing the Democrats try and filibuster any of these nominees so that the GOP can employ the nuclear option and do away with the filibuster altogether.

But if the White House blows up the Senate to please the American Taliban by starting with a recess appointment of a guy who may still be implicated in bigger things than Rove-Plame, it will only make Harry Reid's decision much easier as to how hard the Democrats should fight extremist judicial nominees from an extremist administration one step away from a federal espionage indictment.

After another couple of weeks of stories about Rove-Plame, fueled by tomorrow's likely grand jury testimony by Matt Cooper, I actually now hope that Bush does do a recess appointment of Bolton. Because if Bush does this in August, and if Fitzgerald moves forward with what he gets from Cooper at the same time, and if Bush in the next several weeks overreaches and nominates several extremists for the highest court in the land at a time that his administration is revealed to be populated with slime who place politics above the national security of the United States, Bush won't be able to get any of these choices through the Senate. And that will set off the pending thermonuclear war some of us have been tipped off to inside the GOP between the American Taliban and the more mainstream Beltway types.

Make the appointment Mr. Bush, and then please pass the popcorn.

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