Wednesday :: Jul 13, 2005

Talking Points For Treason(TM)

by eriposte

One of the memes being pushed strongly by the Radical Far Right (namely the leadership of the GOP and their propagandists in the media) to condone and justify Karl Rove's behavior is summarized in the GOP's Talking Points For Treason(TM):

Cooper's Own Email Claims Rove Warned of Potential Inaccuracies in Wilson Information:

"[Time Reporter Matt] Cooper Wrote That Rove Offered Him A 'Big Warning' Not To 'Get Too Far Out On Wilson.' Rove Told Cooper That Wilson's Trip Had Not Been Authorized By 'DCIA' - CIA Director George Tenet - Or Vice President Dick Cheney." (Michael Isikoff, "Matt Cooper's Source," Newsweek, 7/18/05)

Well, if you actually read Isikoff's article, what else do we find?

This - the very next sentence, very conveniently excluded from the Talking Points For Treason(TM):

Rather, "it was, KR said, wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on wmd [weapons of mass destruction] issues who authorized the trip." [bold text is my emphasis]

Of course, you know and I know that not even the Senate Whitewash Report claims that Valerie Plame authorized the trip. Even then-DCI George Tenet made that very clear; Plame did not have the "authority" to "authorize" this trip in the first place. So, the GOP's Talking Points For Treason(TM) claims that Rove spoke to Miller about Wilson/Plame to prevent something alleged to be false from going to print and it simultaneously ignores the very next sentence in the source they cite in their talking points which shows that Rove passed to Cooper a completely fabricated, false claim.

Does anyone really still expect any rational person to believe that Rove was the Pinnacle Of Honesty(TM) when he spoke to Cooper, or that he had the Noblest Intentions Ever Known To Mankind and the Non-Mankind Wall Street Journal Editors(TM)?

Will journalists call the talking points for what they are? Will journalists report that the talking points hid the fact that Rove lied to Cooper? That Rove lied to Cooper and has no grounds for claiming that honesty was his motive? I doubt it, but there's no reason not to keep pointing them to the facts.

P.S. Josh Marshall found something similar in another one of the Talking Points For Treason(TM).

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