Thursday :: Jul 14, 2005

New Questions Need Answers

by larre

Near the end of Sidney Blumenthal's superb article in today's new questions are raised that need to be asked of every White House staffer and GOP worker, as well as Republican Party chairman Ken Mehlman. Blumental puts the questions in the context of the latest GOP talking points offering a massively deceptive defense of Karl Rove.

"At one point, on CNN, Wolf Blitzer asked Mehlman if he had attended meetings at the White House on how to deal with Wilson. Suddenly, the voluble Mehlman constricted. "I don't recall those meetings occurring," he said. Has the prosecutor inquired about such meetings and their participants?"
In that exchange, anyone who has ever confronted a liar -- and that includes every parent whose child has fibbed, every teacher who's had a pupil turn in a late assignment, every staffer who's worked for a politician, and every prosecutor who's asked a suspect for an alibi -- can see the wheels turning and the tongue forking.

Mehlman has just created an opening into a wider scandal that could engulf the White House. It should be pursued precisely because our democratic nation cannot afford to allow a White House orchestrated obstruction of justice go unpunished.

Accordingly, I propose that no White House spokesman or GOP talking head should be allowed to spout off to any newspaper reporter or TV personality on any subject without first answering these simple questions:

  • When were the White House meetings?
  • Who attended?
  • What was said?
  • Who said it?
If no reporter or talk show host or screaming-heads TV personality is enterprising enough to get answers to these few simple questions, the American media may as well be pronounced D.O.A.

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