Saturday :: Jul 16, 2005

Sunday's Post Profiles Two Possible Supreme Court Picks - Roberts and Luttig

by Steve

If you want a good primer on two possible Bush nominees to succeed Sandra Day O’Connor, read this piece in Sunday’s Washington Post. Charles Lane and Jerry Markon write a good piece that focuses on two judges who are on Bush’s short list, John G. Roberts, Jr. of the DC Court of Appeals, and J. Michael Luttig of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Conservative activists like them both, and between the two, Luttig falls into the camp of being a strict constructionist, whereas Roberts is seemingly more moderate. And based on what I know of them, my personal opinion is that either is acceptable given the alternatives and given that the GOP does have 55 votes.

That’s just my two cents. Whether Bush would nominate either one or whether he would follow the polls and nominate a woman or the dreadful J. Harvie Wilkinson III remains to be seen. The Post does note in another story in Sunday's edition that Bush plans to make his selection sometime between July 26th and July 28th, so that the Senate has less than 10 weeks to review the nominee's background before the new term begins, but since O'Connor has already said that she would stick around until her successor is confirmed, Senate Democrats are already saying that they will not be rushed.

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