Monday :: Jul 18, 2005

White House's Iraq Myths Continue To Fall By The Wayside

by Steve

Several Iraq myths propagated by the Bush Administration were debunked over the weekend.

Myth Number One: Our occupation has served as “flypaper” to attract terrorists into Iraq.

Reality: The vast majority of foreign fighters in Iraq were not previously terrorists but in fact were radicalized by the Iraq war itself. In fact, Bush has created a terrorist training ground in Iraq that will provide a steady stream of terrorists worldwide.

Myth Number Two: Iraq’s elections were free and fair.

Reality: The Bush Administration attempted to seal the results of the election by providing covert financial support to Allawi and his party through the CIA in an off-the-books operation after Nancy Pelosi backed them off the idea before our November election.

Myth Number Three: Insurgents can no longer maintain sustained operations in Iraq.

Reality: The pace and severity of bombings since that stupid remark have stunned Iraqis, and are bad enough that even Ayatollah al-Sistani asked the Iraqi government to defend the country from “mass annihilation.” Other Shia leaders are saying that the country is heading towards civil war.

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