Monday :: Jul 18, 2005

Bush Raises The Crossbar On Plame - And McClellan Gets Lit Up Again By Media

by Steve

Note how the mainstream media is also noticing that Bush raised the crossbar today.

So now leaking Plame's identity isn't enough to get canned; you have to commit a crime before Bush sends you out the door. What's a few political hatchet men and sleazeballs among friends anyway with this crew?

Bush subtly raised the bar today. For months, the White House line was that anyone found to be involved in leaking Plame’s identity would “at a minimum” lose their jobs at the White House. We know now that Rove has already met that test, and Libby as well.

As a result, today Bush has now upped the crossbar to say that anyone on his staff found to have “committed a crime” would not work for his administration. Get ready for weeks of Clintonian parsing, even after a grand jury indictment. And of course leaving his administration doesn’t mean that those same indictees couldn’t still work for Bush.

For those of you who worried that the media would let this one drop, don't worry. After Bush tried to raise the crossbar today, Scotty got lit up again.

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