Monday :: Jul 18, 2005

Only 25% Think Bush Is Cooperating With Plame Investigation

by Steve

(Thanks to for the graphic)

Think the focus over the last several weeks on Rove/Plame isnít a big story and hasnít hurt the White House?

Think again. According to an ABC News poll done through last night of over a thousand respondents, only 25% of those polled think the Bush White House is cooperating with the investigation, down significantly from before. And 75% of those polled think that Rove should be canned if he revealed classified information.

And for those of you who say this story doesnít matter to many people, try your spin somewhere else. Three quarters of those polled think the leak investigation is a serious matter, and just over 40% say it is very serious.

Crime sells baby. And that White House/RNC counteroffensive of the last several days has flopped.

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