Tuesday :: Jul 19, 2005

Senior Administration Official Says Bush Will Nominate John Roberts

by Steve

Several news outlets are reporting that Bush will announce the nomination of John Roberts in an hour. As I said several days ago, given the dynamics in play and that Bush could have gone with someone even farther right than Roberts, this to me is a safe choice. Roberts' claim to fame is that he was associated with Ken Starr, is a reliable pro-business judge, and has argued as Solicitor General to overturn Roe V. Wade.

I find it interesting that according to the SAO, Bush didn't offer the nomination to Roberts until early this afternoon, after the stories about Edith Clement were already out there for several hours. Roberts is more conservative than Clement, but not as bad as others Bush could have chosen. Did Bush have someone else in mind and then change course and go with Roberts as a compromise between the "go with a woman" crowd and the American Taliban?

We'll see what he says and how it plays out. As I said, I would rather not have Roberts but given the dynamics and the alternatives, I can live with him based on what I know of him now. But I do wonder about the backstory here, how the Hispanic bloc will react, and how those who wanted a woman to replace O'Connor will react to another white male being put on the court, especially after Clement was left hanging out there for most of the day.

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