Tuesday :: Jul 19, 2005

The Contrarian View On Roberts

by Steve

Let me say what I'm going to say on Roberts, even if it is the minority viewpoint in the center-left blogosphere, and let the rest of you shoot at it. But unless something comes out about this guy that is startling, I can't see where my opinion will change much from what I am about to say, which can be summed up thusly: Put up a good fight, make him explain his views and get him on record, aim to keep as many Democrats in the "oppose" column as possible knowing that there aren't the votes to block him, and move the agenda back to where it was before tonight at 9 PM EDT.

Roberts was selected because he has only a two-year paper trail of opinions to research.

Roberts was selected because he is young.

Of course he is too conservative for many of us. What else is new?

Of course anyone associated with Ken Starr is objectionable, and of course he is similarly objectionable for being a corporate attorney. Again, what did we really expect?

And of course many of you are saying we shouldn't be lulled into letting a guy go just because he isn't as much a Neanderthal as the rest of them.

All I can say is that I am actually relieved that Bush didn't fulfill my worst fears and select a real knuckle-dragger. And for those of you who fear that he will just do so when he gets his next chance, trust me: the way the polls are headed, this was his chance to put a card-carrying member of the American Taliban on the court, and he passed. There will be no other chance.

We don't have to wage a fight against a Hispanic nominee that would do us damage next year.

We don't have to wage a fight against a female nominee that would do us damage next year.

We don't have to wage a fight against a black nominee that would do us damage next year.

Be glad for all three of these things. Instead, Bush went with a pick that his dad would have made. Keep that in mind as a sign of how weakened this White House is right now that they went with someone his dad would have nominated instead of trying to ram through a James Dobson annointee.

I don't like having to accept the lesser of many evils here. But the GOP does have 55 votes here, which is why we have those elections in the first place. Roberts will write many decisions over the next twenty years that will give me heartburn, but he is better suited for this spot than Clarence Thomas will ever be.

Harry Reid should make sure that the Democrats make Roberts explain everything and go on the record with his views to the degree possible. They should make the White House work for this one. Reid should keep as many votes in his column against Roberts as he can. And he should forget a filibuster and get this one behind him and get the focus back to more damaging issues for the White House. Why? Because the White House is expecting a long, attention-diverting fight on this nominee, a nominee that the GOP Senate knows they have the votes for already.

So screw up the White House plan and put up a good but not self-defeating opposition here, being glad to lose the vote 62-38.

But refocus tomorrow back to the issues the White House wants to bury.

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