Wednesday :: Jul 20, 2005

The Seventy Percent Solution

by Marie

Seventy percent of Americans want the federal government to stay out of personal family decisions. They don’t want Roe overturned and they don’t want Jeb! Delay and GWB to turn their personal tragedies into a federal or state political issue. And seventy percent don’t think that the WH is cooperating fully with Fitzgerald. And that happened in the absence of any effort on the part of Democrats to educate the public and sway public opinion, and in the presence of extensive propaganda efforts on the part of the right.

Democrats may not have a majority in the Senate, but they do represent more citizens than the Republican Senators do. They have the power to win debates in the court of public opinion and the power to stop the GOP Senate in its tracks. Use it or lose it!

Why would anybody want to role over and play dead when seventy percent oppose a Bush policy? How much of an idiot does one have to be not to know how to take advantage of a seven to three advantage? The DC Democrats behave as if they hold a three to seven disadvantage. Would have us believe that they can’t do anything because they are in the minority. That it’s more dignified not to make waves and accept losses graciously than fight for the rest of us. Why would anyone to the left of center want to reward such spineless nincompoops by returning them to office for another term? \

Why can’t Reid enforce discipline and stop all of them from complimenting Bush in any way? If you can’t criticize him, don’t say anything at all.Bush must be feeling more confident than his poll numbers would indicate since he didn’t bother to nominate a woman or a minority that due to status would be harder for Democrats to attack. It’s possible that Roberts doesn’t have “overturn Roe” on his agenda, but the “crackpot Christians”would be going ballistic if Roberts hadn’t passed the assessments that their organizations performed. They remember Souter too well, and assurances from a Bush that Roberts is one of their own wouldn’t be enough this time. And they will not stand down and wait for the next time. They want their just rewards and they want them now. So, at this time Roberts is an anti-Roe, anti-civil rights and pro-corporate nominee. IOW another extremist with a pretty face masquerading as a “compassionate conservative.”

We know who he is but America doesn’t. Rove could take on someone like this and take him down even if he was starting with a three to seven disadvantage. But Democrats are so weak at this stuff that they would do better to bide their time. Let others unmask Roberts as best as they can. Cut him no slack in his confirmation hearings – get it out that he would undo Roe. But the most important factor isn’t Roberts at all, but the Bush WH. If Rove and others remain under fire and the poll numbers for Bush’s credibility and honesty drop another five points or so by the date of the vote on Roberts, the Senate can filibuster the nomination and the public will support them. If not, Reid should demand discipline and let Roberts win on an “up or down” vote.

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