Friday :: Jul 22, 2005

Bolton Was An Information Source For Jailbird Judy Miller - Connect The Dots

by Steve

Quite simply, isnít it possible that John Bolton learned of Valerie Plameís identity in his snooping around (remember that given her assignment at the Agency and his at State, they worked in the same areas), and was the source to either Rove, Judith Miller, or even Bob Novak?
--This blog, July 6, 2005

TWN has just learned from a highly placed source -- and in the right place to know -- that John Bolton was a regular source for Judith Miller's New York Times WMD and national security reports. The source did not have any knowledge on whether Bolton was one of Miller's sources on the Valerie Plame story she was preparing, but argues that he was a regular source otherwise.
--Steve Clemons' The Washington Note, this afternoon

By the way, wouldn't a Bolton recess appointment make the Roberts' Supreme Court "shoo-in" a little more interesting?

(Thanks to John B. for the tip)

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