Friday :: Jul 22, 2005

After Botching Iraq, Where Next Has Cheney Set His Sights?

by Steve

(Graphic courtesy of the Pew Center)

At a time when nearly half of the American public now says that the Iraq war has hurt the war on terror, a new spate of bombings in Egypt have claimed at least 45 lives, and British police found themselves having to shoot dead a suspect who appeared to be wearing a bomb.

A growing number of Americans seemingly have resigned themselves to several unpleasant truths about this president and his keystone foreign policy “achievement”:

-Iraq did not help, but rather hurt the war on terror (47% hurt, 39% helped);

-52% of Americans think the administration lied to get us into this failure;

-The war, in hindsight, was a mistake;

-Because of the war, we are more likely to be attacked again (45% say more likely, 22% less likely);

-We’re trapped over there until the Iraqis can defend themselves, which we now admit they can’t do for awhile.

And as a result of all of this, fewer and fewer people trust Bush.

So, with all of this bad news stemming from the Bush Iraq debacle, you might ask what does this crew have in mind for an encore? And given our lack of commitment to really fighting terror abroad and here at home, doesn’t it seem that we are letting our guard down against another attack?

What exactly could be the grand plan? You guessed it: our real president has given orders to the Pentagon to plan a full-scale attack upon Iran using nukes should we be attacked again.

Here's my question: would the brass carry out those orders?

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