Saturday :: Jul 23, 2005

The Blond Cherubs

by Marie

With the middle-aged parents. Parents that were so busy pursuing their own careers that they forgot to breed until it was too late. Not to worry. In the world they work to create, there will be no shortage of little blond cherubs for old people to adopt. Either in embryonic form to create a “snowflake baby” or fully formed for those women who prefer to skip the pregnancy and childbirth step.

When I see stories of gay couples welcoming unwanted children into their homes, loving and caring for them, I see people that want to give through parenting. When I see couples welcoming unwanted and disabled children into their families, I see selfless, loving and good people. When I see wealthy, middle-aged couples that would deny women the right to choose posing with their picture perfect adopted white babies, I want to puke.

The genesis of anti-abortion movement was not a “Culture of Life.” It was about producing as many white babies as possible. To preserve the dominance of whites is America. If they could have framed the debate to restrict their opposition to abortion to white women impregnated by white men, that’s what they would have done. If they could legislate sterilization for minority men and women, they would do it. But that would expose them for the racists that they are. Instead they extol the virtues of adoption, almost always with a white baby in their arms. Expecting young white women to see these images and conclude that they need not fear bringing a baby into the world that they are unprepared to care for and support.

There is a shortage of healthy white babies available for adoption. A shortage that would disappear quickly if emergency contraception and abortion were banned. A surplus would soon follow. And millions of women would struggle to care for the babies that they didn’t want or knew they couldn’t care for, but couldn‘t abandon once they were born. Giving one’s baby to others to raise is a lousy solution. Women are not physiologically or psychologically built to give up their babies. Both baby and mother are denied the health benefits of nursing. Few mothers that give up their babies don’t think and worry about the child everyday. Long to reconnect with the child they never knew. Their heads will tell them that they did the right thing but their hearts forever weep.

My mother’s best friend is a devout Catholic. (A Pope John, Vatican II type Catholic who not only saw the banned by Rome movie “Priest,” but was so moved by it that she recommended it to everyone she knew.) She and her husband wanted twelve children. The first nine arrived a little over a year apart. The tenth one arrived six years after the ninth. One day in frustration she said, “What made think I wanted ten children?” In horror, her husband said, “Which one would you give up?” To which she responded, “Don’t be stupid. You don’t give up a baby that you have. But I could have had four more between Luke and Rachel, and guess what? I don’t miss even one of those that I didn’t have.”

It’s wonderful when people open their arms and lives to children that would otherwise grow up deprived of the love and nurturing we all need. It’s quite another thing to deprive women of contraception and abortion to insure a large supply of unwanted children. To force women to put their bodies through a pregnancy that they don’t want and is not without the risk of death. And after all that, force them to choose between giving up the baby or raise a child in, at best, less than ideal circumstances. And for what?

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