Tuesday :: Jul 26, 2005

The Anatomy of a (New) Scandal

by eriposte

Folks, by tomorrow morning you'll see an exclusive TLC story here that exposes a new* scandal linked closely to Treasongate, or Nigergate or Uraniumgate [*technically one may argue about how "new" it is, but let's just say it is new enough].

I don't believe the story has been broken by any mainstream media outlet yet.

If you were wondering why I have been so occupied with the year old Senate (SSCI) Report, when the world around me appears to have moved on, tomorrow's story will provide one of the main reasons.

Let's just say that the scandal is closely linked to this sentence in the July 2004 Senate Report:

The foreign government service did not provide the [CIA's] DO with information about its source and the DO, to date, remains uncertain as to how the foreign government service collected the information in the three intelligence reports.

As they say, it all depends on the meaning of "how" and "collected".

And, as Karl Rove would have said, I've already said too much.

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