Wednesday :: Jul 27, 2005

Bush Walks Away From War On Terror - Now Wants To Fight A "Struggle" Against Extremism

by Steve

When a majority of the public thinks that you are not winning the war on terror, as you yourself defined it in Iraq, the typical GOP thing to do is to stop calling it a war on terror and to start calling your global messianic crusade a global struggle against violent extremism. And that is what Karen Hughes will get to do now with full Democratic support. She will try and convince the world that it isn’t about the military, our penchant for shooting first and cleaning up later, nor is it about the oil. What America really wants is to wage an ongoing struggle against violent extremism.

Funny, but I don’t remember the voters getting a chance to vote on whether or not they wanted their government and military to engage itself in remaking the world for the next several decades in a struggle against extremism. What the public did vote on was which candidate was best to carry on the war on terror, which was defined by Bush as Saddam, Osama, and being centered in Iraq. Now that Rummy is trying to disengage from Iraq and the public says our ability to win there is guarded at best, the White House wants to change the frame and language to a “struggle” that deemphasizes the military in favor of soft power. But there is a problem there, because Bush is now adopting the John Kerry approach he belittled last year.

When Kerry said during the campaign that such a soft power approach was necessary, what did the GOP say? The RNC attack machine said that such an approach (now touted by Bush) “turns a blind eye towards the threats that face our country.” So why is Bush now turning a "blind eye towards the threats that face our country", and when can we start putting more money into soft power and redirect it away from Rummy?

If we really are now fighting a struggle against extremism, shouldn't we start here at home and go after those extremists who make threats against judges? When will we see John Cornyn and Tom DeLay on playing cards?

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