Friday :: Jul 29, 2005

Niger in the News

by Mary

Niger is once more in the news and not just as the unfortunate country that has been libelled by the forgers who wanted an excuse to invade Iraq.

Hunger is perennially a problem in Niger. But a locust invasion last year followed by drought made the problem worse. Almost a third of Niger's population of 11.3 million is in crisis, with its children the most vulnerable. Some 800,000 children under 5 are suffering from hunger, including 150,000 faced with severe malnutrition.

As the New Scientist says, the warning signs of this famine were seen much earlier and if the world would have stepped in then, the cost of preventing the worst of it would have been much cheaper ($1 per person rather than the estimated $80 per person that is now needed).

Nevertheless, you can help by donating through one of these organizations:

Hat tip to Eric Alterman for providing the links.

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