Friday :: Jul 29, 2005

Gallup Says Bush Has Fallen To 44%

by Steve

Look out beloooooow.......!

Gallup’s latest poll, done through last night, shows that Bush’s job approval rating has fallen to its lowest level in a Gallup poll, now down to only 44%. According to the poll, Bush’s favorability rating has dropped to its lowest mark also, now under 50% to 48%.

Gallup also opines that Bush had short-term bumps after the recent overseas terror bombings and the Roberts Supreme Court pick, but that those bumps have now evaporated, especially amongst independents, of whom only 36% approve of Bush’s job performance. Gallup also notes that in this poll, like their last four polls, more respondents identified themselves as Democrats than Republicans, and in this poll the Democratic advantage was 5 points, with only 28% of the sample identifying themselves as Republicans. It appears that more and more respondents are moving from the GOP ranks towards calling themselves independents, of whom there were a whopping 37% of this poll’s sample. (Update: As Fester noted in the comment thread, it is a little premature on my part to draw a conclusion about Indies based on such a swing over several weeks.)

And even though we are told the economy is doing fine, according to Gallup the public isn’t buying it.

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