Friday :: Jul 29, 2005

What Do The Brits Know That We Still Don't?

by Steve

Gee, using quick investigative work, cooperation with other nations, and immediate interrogation of known associates, have you noticed how quickly the Brits have been able to arrest all four suspects in this month’s failed bombings in London? I mean, they rounded up the suspects in less than ten days, using (good heavens) solid law enforcement techniques, rather than turning the whole thing into a friggin’ war.

Now, as you contemplate for a moment how little we still know about the whereabouts of Mr. Dead or Alive four years after the crime, ask yourself how things may have been different if we had detained the Bin Laden family here in the states for some, you know, law enforcement “questioning” in the days immediately after 9/11, instead of seeing the White House allow them to fly home.

Instead, while Prince Bandar was telling Bush how dangerous it was for Saudis to be in this country in the days right after 9/11 and requesting (demanding) that the Bin Ladens be allowed to immediately fly home with every other Saudi who was within 100 feet of them at the time, Rummy was insisting to his staff at the still-smoldering Pentagon that they find a way to pin the attacks on Saddam Hussein.

But that law enforcement approach is so namby-pamby, don't you know. Besides, the Saudis can still come and go into and out of this country without worry that the Bush Administration will care, even four years after 9/11. It's as if nothing has really changed regarding the Saudis since 9/11.

Just ask Osama.

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