Friday :: Jul 29, 2005

Congressman Duke for Sale

by Mary

[Ed: Our Duckman was having some technical difficulties, so I'm posting this for him. But as the discerning TLC reader knows, this is definitely the Duckman's style of a righteous rip.]

Here’s a perfect example of what sort of honorable man Duke Stir is.

Okay, maybe he’s not, maybe he’s just a thug and a bully and a crook.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes, and one that could be applied to other Duke related activities, "If public money is involved, then I am sure he would support an accounting," Blalack said of Cunningham. "It's like asking if he supports apple pie"

Stop it Lee, you're making me laugh. Really. Say, aren't we still waiting for the accounting of his alleged rental payments at the Yacht Club? Why, yes, yes we are! But here’s the meat of the story: (My bolds throughout)

Kenneth Noorigian, a San Diego bankruptcy attorney and one of three principals of First Auditors, said the company had assumed all the risk and had borne the cost of waging a lobbying effort in Washington to create the federal program.

An undetermined amount of the $3.5 million the IRS paid First Auditors under the contract went to cover lobbying expenditures, legal fees and travel costs incurred by First Auditors before the contract began, he said.

So they just decided to create a federal campaign based on some software somebody knew about that might or might not work but who really cares, we get a piece of the federal pork for a few grand to a good buddy who plays ball. And, of course, all expenses covered by said federal pork. Nice deal if you can get it.

First Auditors' three principals and their Washington lobbyist donated a total of $11,600 to Cunningham's campaign and pac between 2001 and 2005.

This is the GOP Congress. They are the Lobbyist Congress. Like these guys, or the Long Island real estate developer who bought cunningham's boat but let cunningham keep and use the boat, and loaned cunningham the money to buy his house and his condo and then paid off those loans with the money he owed cunningham for the boat that cunningham still had in his possession and which was still in cunningham's name. (Breath) Oh, and in return for that largesse, cunningham tried to get the law off the back of the Long Island developer. Mind you, cunningham's district is no where near Long Island, his many places of residence are in DC or San Diego, not Long Island. So what do his constituents think about him helping somebody not in the district, and not part of the M.I.C.?

Just remember one thing. Lobbyists are tied to the gop. grover norquist. jack abramoff. tom delay. randy cunningham. This is the morality of the gop of today. Go ahead, you too can feel that morality. Just reach into your wallet, purse, pocket, put that dollar bill, twenty, quarter, into your hand. Feel it. Touch it. Smell it. Get it? That's the soul of the gop.

-Duckman GR

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