Friday :: Jul 29, 2005

Post Says Bolton Will Get Recess Appointment

by Steve

At the same time that the Washington Post is giving an ass-kissing to Bush and the GOP for its success in getting stuff through Congress lately, the Post is reporting in Saturday's edition that Bush has given up trying to get John Bolton through Congress and will give Bolton a recess appointment, possibly before Bush goes to Crawford for another one of those month-long, terrorist-ignoring vacations on Tuesday.

Then again, being a liar usually gets you a promotion in this administration, so there's nothing new here. But I really wonder now what is in those NSA intercepts that the White House refuses to release.

Fine. Democrats should feel free to respond accordingly, linking the words "uncomfirmed", "untruthful", and "reckless" to his name. He'll be easy to frame for the next year or so, and he will be the gift that keeps on giving.

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