Sunday :: Jul 31, 2005

Jean Schmidt Is A Liar

by Steve

Look, it’s getting to a point where whenever you hear a Republican talk, you should just assume they are lying. Case in point: Jean Schmidt, who running a slash and burn smear campaign against Democrat Paul Hackett in Ohio’s second congressional district for an open seat that will be decided this Tuesday in a special election, to fill behind departed Trade Representative Rob Portman.

Schmidt, in the midst of her smears against Hackett, claimed that she didn’t know Tom Noe, had never heard of Tom Noe, and has never met Tom Noe. This, coming from a woman who has been portrayed approvingly in the media as someone with a file card memory of the district and the people she has met.

Well, it turns out that you can add the description “liar” to Schmidt’s resume as well. As Bob Brigham over at Swing State Project noted just a while ago, due to the great sleuthing of various web loggers (including Eriposte), Schmidt in fact does know who Tom Noe is, since he testified in front of her Ohio legislative committee back in 2003.

So the question is: what else is Jean Schmidt hiding?

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