Sunday :: Jul 31, 2005

As More US Soldiers Die, What Kind of Iraq Will Bush Deliever To The Region?

by Steve

Even though the White House doesn’t want you to notice, we lost five more soldiers yesterday in Iraq. Will it get better? Yes, when we leave, but what will we leave behind? Probably an Islamic republic with developing economic and military ties closely aligned with Iran, with a police force that goes gunning for the Sunnis at the moment the Brits leave and the Shias give the order. But that is the stability that George W. Bush will bequeath to the region, while our friends in Egypt and Pakistan perpetrate terror with Bush’s blessing. But at least Ahmed Chalabi now has a target on his back.

Oh, and in case any of you are counting, and not that Fox News or anyone else in the media would notice or care, guess how many US soldiers have been killed in Iraq since Natalie Holloway disappeared in Aruba May 30th?

136. But again, who among the right wing corporate media cares about that?

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