Monday :: Aug 1, 2005

The King - An Eye

by pessimist

Right on the heels of an amnesty declared to celebrate the 'improving health' of Saudi King Fahd, the royal personage had the unmittigated gall to die.

That's right - he's dead. Prince Abdullah immediately assumed the throne lest oil prices be affected adversely. Oil company executives immediately mourned his passing by raising oil prices.

Such convenience! It makes one wonder if the recent resignation of Prince Bandar as Saudi Ambassador to the US was so spontaneous after all! Wouldn't it make more sense to anyone other than Owwer Leedur and his Merry Mental Cases to have an advisor who knows well the most important international connection one's nation has? Especially if the ailing monach is going to have a convenient downturn in his health right after the amnesty proving that the Saudi Royal family was celebrating an improvement in their future fortunes - er, the King's health?

Abdullah has been ruling in the king's name ever since Fahd had that massive stroke in 1995. Now he doesn't have to pretend to be his brother's keeper anymore.

Hold on to your wallets. The gas price increases will prove to be steep.

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