Monday :: Aug 1, 2005

What Comes Around

by pessimist

King George is a doofus.

We progressives already know this, but I repeat it for the benefit of our Red Stater friends who are going to find this out when their wallets suddenly get much thinner than they already are.

It isn't bad enough that gas prices are going to rise due to several factors, the most prominent of which is the coming shift of production facilities to heating oil and the change in the Saudi Monarchy (see below). No, Dumbya has to pokes sticks into the eyes of the two nations which hold the most of his tax-cut deficit credit slips - Japan and China - which make his specious claims of economic prosperity appear real.

The renminbi, more commonly known as the yuan, is growing stronger in relation to the dollar just in time for those wonderful Samaritans at Walmart to have to raise prices on those wonderful Christmas toys - made in China - that Mom and Pop Redstater have been struggling all year to save up for. I guess Georgie and Condi Redstater will have to settle for underwear and socks - made in China - instead.

This is a result of the pressure levied at China to release the peg of 8.3 yuan to the dollar and let the currency float. It was intended to be a gentle lesson as to why one needs to be careful what one insists upon, for as one economist - Zhou Xiaochuan, the People's Bank governor - puts it, "We double-Dutch dare ya to push us again!"

Such subtle warnings are lost on Texan-wannabe playground bullies.

And in response to Bu$hCo complaints that the Japanese aren't playing fair in the very game we taught them to keep them from overrunning Asia ever again, Japan has decided No More Mr. Nice Samurai-businessman. "If 'free trade' is to mean anything," they seem to suggest, "then the same rules must apply to everyone!"

I guess it's time for King George to declare victory in international trade and change the name of the game to something else now.

With the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki just around the calendar, what self-loathing member of Bu$hCo will be the one to angrily react to these economic moves by Japan and remind the Japanese of these horrible wartime experiences?

After all, we know that playing by the rules is poisonous to international domination, so if you can't beat 'em, taunt 'em. It's so much more satisfying to an empty soul than to work to maintain one's competitive edge as hard as one's underpaid employees who labor to keep one in riches. How can one feel superior if one has to be equal?

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