Tuesday :: Aug 2, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

From Atrios we heard yesterday that the Iraq war is just so passé. Americans are sick and tired of the bad news coming from Iraq and are ready to be entertained by other more interesting problems like more missing white woman in America.

Here is Bush's war: being the ultimate in "no big deal". The schedule? Late March 2003, invade Iraq and hold flower parade in Baghdad; May 1st, 2003, Mission Accomplished. It was to be a very short war with no one in American inconvenienced much. Such a simple little war that it is okay to cut taxes for the rich. And because everything was going so swimmingly, no one needed to pay for the fun affair according to Bush. And even now when the situation is immeasurably worse and no one could in their right mind could believe "Mission Accomplished" today, no one is being asked to pony up some extra bucks to pay for this war. Yet, Bush still expects to make the temporary tax cuts permanent, because he believes that no one today should pay for the war.

So who is paying? The troops. And those suckers who still expect to be paying taxes because that is what citizens do, except when we can sluff those payments off to our children and grandchildren because, after all, someone has to pay. Obviously, our descendents forgot to get a lobbyist to make their case when Bush was handing out the goodies. And too bad people are still dying in Bush's war. Our soldiers are still paying for Bush's war, and the people of Iraq are still paying for his incompetence in running this war. But never fear, someone, somewhere is getting immeasurably rich from Bush's war and they will be eternally grateful to Bush.

So what rant do you have today? And what stories should we be following? After all, it's your thread now.

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