Monday :: Aug 1, 2005

Bob Woodward: Even Worse Than I Thought

by eriposte

Having no access to Nexis, I haven't been able to find a transcript of the Woodward propaganda for Bush in Chris Matthews' show yesterday, but in my previous post, I misunderestimated Bob Woodward's depravity.

Bill at Liberal Oasis has a piece of the Woodward interview I didn't see earlier (via Crooks and Liars).

CHRIS MATTHEWS: But they [people in the White House] saw him, Bob, as the enemy, didn’t they? In all fairness, didn’t they see him as the enemy, Joe Wilson?

BOB WOODWARD: No, they saw an opportunity. And I think there is a tendency here to ascribe much more of an organization or a conspiracy here...

...the stories going around, “Gee, it’s Joe Wilson’s wife who got him sent on this mission,” -- which she definitely had a hand in and proposed that he be the one to go see if this is true -- that’s almost too good not to pass on to a reporter.

Bill adds his own version of how Woodward would have covered Watergate today [UPDATE: As I say clearly here, this is NOT a quote of Bob Woodward, this is Bill Scher mocking Woodward with his own simulated quote]:

What would it be like if Watergate was happening today?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: But isn’t it possible that Nixon himself ordered the break-in of the DNC?

BOB WOODWARD: It’s not a break-in. It’s opposition research. There’s a tendency here to treat every hardball tactic as some sort of crime. There are stories going around that the DNC front door was unlocked. If that is true, then how can you blame a guy for walking in and checking what’s in the file cabinets?


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