Tuesday :: Aug 2, 2005

Schmidt Beats Hackett By Only Four Points

by Steve

For Jean Schmidt to defeat Paul Hackett tonight by only 4 points (52%-48%) in a safely GOP district is a huge warning sign for not only the corrupt Ohio GOP, but also for the national GOP, given that Schmidt tied her wagon to Tom DeLay and the White House.

Hackett led in the earlier voting, and then, this being Ohio of course, Schmidt magically caught up and passed Hackett later on. Hmmm.......

Congrat Mr. Hackett, and we look forward to you kicking the crap out of Schmidt next year in the rematch.

Update: John Nichols at The Nation writes on the positives in the close loss by Hackett; by running aggressively at Bush's national security record and running an in-your-face campaign in a heavily GOP district where Rob Portman usually won with over seventy percent of the vote, Hackett has proven that Howard Dean's 50-state strategy can work.

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