Wednesday :: Aug 3, 2005

20 Ohio Marines Killed Since Monday

by Steve

And while Ohio congratulates itself on sending another GOP nutcase to Washington to protect the state GOP’s corrupt fannies and to swear unending loyalty to their leader, perhaps voters in Ohio will question why and for what reason twenty of their own have been killed in Iraq just since Monday.

Note that I didn’t say twenty Americans, but 20 Marines from just Ohio. Monday, at least six Marines from Ohio were killed in combat operations in western Iraq to seal the Iraqi/Syrian border, a border which should have been sealed two years ago if Rummy had planned correctly. Today, the Pentagon reports that another fourteen (14) Ohio soldiers, from the same battalion, were killed by a roadside bomb today, when they were inexplicably riding in a more lightly protected amphibious assault vehicle rather than better-protected vehicles. Why in the hell were so many Marines riding in an amphibious assault vehicle without adequate armor?

39 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq in less than two weeks, but the media is paying more attention to the Shuttle fixes. By the way, why was it so important to send up a defective shuttle right away? What exactly is the mission of this crew?

While the Bush Administration sets the stage for a “cut and run” they insisted would never happen, in time for the 2006 midterms, American and Iraqi military officials reveal that the Iraqis don’t even possess the basic infrastructure necessary to support their own military and police units.

So we are back to the basic question: what is the endgame here, and how many US soldiers will die because of George W. Bush's negligence?

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