Wednesday :: Aug 3, 2005

Why Is The Post Giving Mr. "Hard Work" A Bad Time About His Vacation?

by Steve

(A boy and his dog)

Am I the only one who finds it interesting that after kissing Bush’s butt lately for all he has allegedly accomplished (a CAFTA he couldn't even sell his own party, a corporate welfare energy bill, an underfunded highway bill, and failing to get the Senate to accept Bolton), the Post now bashes Bush for taking a long vacation? Is there something new here? The man has always taken a lot of time off. As he said over and over again during the debates, the job of being president is “hard” work”. Yet the Post decides to take a shot at Bush today after he headed off to Crawford for the obligatory brush clearing photo ops the next five weeks. I mean, if he was as successful as the Post claims he has been recently, then why begrudge Mr. “Hard Work” his five weeks off? Or is there something else at play here?

Perhaps it is because the last time Bush took this much time off, he was ignoring an impending terrorism threat?

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