Thursday :: Aug 4, 2005

Bob Novak Walks Off CNN

by Steve

Bob Novak had an intentional meltdown today on CNN, after James Carville tweaked him for playing the part of a conservative tough guy. In fact, Novak escaped the set before host Ed Henry could ask him a question about the Plame case, a question that Henry told Novak in advance would be coming. CNN reports now that they’ve asked Novak to “take some time off”, even though they are still milking the meltdown walk off for all its worth on their website.

What's interesting about this is that Carville is married to a person who knows full well what the White House did to go after Joe Wilson. Mary Matalin was a part of the White House Iraq Group, and if I remember correctly was dragged before the Grand Jury herself.

Hell, for all we know, Carville and Novak set this up so that Bob could get out of town for awhile. Or maybe Bob is feeling the heat from another national security problem.

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