Thursday :: Aug 4, 2005

Is There Another Reason Why Novak Ran Out On CNN Today?

by Steve

(thanks to MediaBistro for the image)

Here’s another theory on why Bob Novak walked off the set of CNN’s “Inside Politics” this afternoon after getting needled by James Carville and before host Ed Henry could ask Novak about the Plame case and presumably Judy Miller’s imprisonment and Novak’s recent “breaking the silence” column of August 1st. According to Slate’s Mickey Kaus, a copy of “Who’s Who in America” is plainly visible around Novak. Kaus opines that perhaps Henry or Carville were about to challenge this claim from Novak’s recent column:

Once it was determined that Wilson's wife suggested the mission, she could be identified as "Valerie Plame" by reading her husband's entry in "Who's Who in America."

Could it be that Carville and Henry were going to challenge Novak’s assertion that Plame could be identified by reading the book, disregarding the fact that the State Department memo on the Africa trip clearly indicated that her identity should remain a secret? Novak also wants people to forget the fact that beyond saying that he was told Plame suggested Wilson for the trip by two administration officials, he went further:

Valerie Plame, is an agency operative on weapons of mass destruction.

If Novak knew that this was coming, and that he would be forced to defend himself on a column his attorney may never have wanted published in the first place, then how far behind would Fitzgerald be with a demand to reappear before the Grand Jury, immunity be damned?

As Josh Marshall noted tonight, perhaps Novak was looking for a source to innoculously confirm what he had already been told illegally from his first source.

Or it could just simply be that Novak is tired of this mess and wants to walk away from it for awhile.

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