Friday :: Aug 5, 2005

Mr. 42%, Continued

by Steve

Bush’s approval rating in a new AP/Ipsos poll is at only 42%, against a 55% disapproval rating. Worse yet, his approval rating on Iraq has tumbled to an all-time low in the poll of only 38%, and only 48% believe Bush is honest, another low. 56% now believe that Bush’s confidence represents arrogance.

Note that Bush’s approval/disapproval numbers on the economy have now sunk to their lowest 41% approve, 56% disapprove, and that is before the jobs report this morning, where it is somehow good news that in a supposedly healthy economy adding 207,000 new jobs in a month, or averaging only 166,000 new jobs over the last three months is a great thing. Of course in those supposedly strong numbers, manufacturing lost jobs once again. Buried in those numbers however is the news that the average length of time job-seekers spent looking for work went up noticeably. Hell, in the Clinton economy, job growth figures like these would be cause for the GOP to unleash all sorts of abuse upon the president for his failed policies.

Bush’s numbers on domestic issues fell to a 37% approve, 60% disapprove, again their lowest level in a while. And as Bush readies himself to tackle once again privatization of Social Security when he returns from Crawford, he is staring at his worst numbers on the subject, 33% approve, 63% disapprove, and this is after he took the issue off the radar screen for the last two months.

Note that 43% now say that Bush isn’t intelligent, and an equal number say he is arrogant. And Bush gets these bad numbers from a poll that had:

-37% self identify as evangelical or born-again Christians;

-36% had a household income of $50,000 or over; and

-35% come from the South.

Enjoy your vacation Mr. President.

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