Friday :: Aug 5, 2005

Friday Night Wrap Up

by Steve

As we head into a weekend, here are some short hits for you to comment on:

Yup, as if on cue, the military says that they think Iran is sending more lethal explosive devices into Iraq, even as some commentators think it is nonsensical for the Iranian government to be aiding those who are trying to undermine the Shia interim government in Iraq, especially given the warming relationship between the two.

Thanks to Mr. Bush, the same regime that bankrolled 15 of the 9/11 murderers has us by the nuts more so than ever before.

The Bush Administration is planning to modernize and make less inhuman Guantanamo, which is a tacit admission that the Geneva Convention protocols were being flouted there. But tell me again how it is possible to ship hundreds of detainees back to their home countries without raising suspicions that many of those held weren’t guilty of being terrorists in the first place? And since the receiving countries will not guarantee that they won’t release these guys themselves, how certain are we that some bad actors won’t work their way back into free society?

The White House has started the stonewalling over John Roberts by denying the first request for documents made by Democrats, with the ridiculous line that “It is simply contrary to the public interest for these documents to be released." Really? Then I guess it is therefore contrary to the public interest for Democrats to allow Roberts to come to a vote, until it is known what Roberts worked on for Poppy.

I do find it curious that the Times’ biggest Bush ass-kisser, aside from Judy Kneepads, buries in Saturday’s edition a piece that shows how long Rove and Novak have had a relationship.

Note that in the most recent Gallup Poll where the question was asked, Hillary now polls nearly within the margin of error against both McCain and Giuliani, which was not the case in other polls as late as May.

Howard Dean cleverly predicted today that the GOP would try and scapegoat immigrants in the next election.

And the Post runs a story in Saturday’s edition which makes a point we have made around here for awhile: even though the economy by the numbers seems to be doing better, Bush isn’t getting any credit for it because of higher energy prices, stagnant wages, and Iraq.

Comment away....

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