Sunday :: Aug 7, 2005

Judy Kneepads May Be Protecting Scooter Libby

by Steve

Several other bloggers are doing good work this morning in reporting that the source Judy Kneepads may be protecting is none other than Scooter Libby himself, which puts the New York Times in a very delicate situation. Kudos to Arianna Huffington, Atrios, Digby, and Pontificator over at DKos. And once again congrats to the fine work by Murray Waas.

So if this information pans out, it means that the men closest to Bush and Cheney were involved in an effort of political retaliation that compromised a national security asset and operation, based on information that may have come from inside the Administration's foreign policy and national security network. And yet somehow Bush and Cheney will profess ignorance of all this.

Let's hope that Fitzgerald can move fast enough before McCallum shuts him down.

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