Wednesday :: Aug 10, 2005

Duke Stir Update

by Duckman GR

Good for randy cunningham! Seems he's asking permission to spend his campaign contributions to save his sorry butt from the hoosegow, and if his donors don't want they're money spent that way, have that dough redirected to the NRCCC.

As he desperately seeks that just right real estate agent/buyer to sell/buy his free mansion,

Cunningham has denied any wrongdoing. Nonetheless, he announced last month that he and his wife, Nancy, would sell the $2.5 million estate-style mansion the couple bought in Rancho Santa Fe with the proceeds from the sale of their Del Mar Heights home,
acting as if he has indeed done wrongdoing.

Duckman sends you to his replacement, with your help, (tell her Duckman sent ya) who has this written about her in the big local conservative birdcage liner. Pay attention, a competitive race in a relatively conservative district.

"This is going to be the hottest race on the West Coast," the Cardiff candidate pledges with a sunny, know-it-all grin. "This is going to be the most competitively fought congressional seat this side of the Rockies. It's not a blow-away for Republicans in this district anymore."

It would seem there are no straight lines in cunningham's world, just crooked ones. If he lasts til the end of September I'll be surprised.

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